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SmaXtec offers professional dairy farms the most technologically advanced health system aimed at preventing diseases in dairy cows. Through 24/7 monitoring farmers achieve stable high milk yields, reduce the use of antibiotics, and significantly increase animal welfare.

Hvem er smaXtec GmbH?

smaXtec is a health system for dairy farms that helps farmers achieve better health, fertility and feeding results. At the core of the system is the unique bolus technology. It measures where it makes the most sense: directly in the reticulum. smaXtec collects and analyses precise data on internal body temperature, drinking behaviour, rumination and activity of each individual cow and translates it into useful notifications and action recommendations. These deep insights enable farmers to detect diseases long before externally visible symptoms appear, so they take countermeasures at an early stage. In this way they achieve shorter and less severe courses of disease, can reduce costs and ensure a stable milk yield and thus the economic success of the farm. In addition, smaXtec offers precise data on oestrus and fertility. smaXtec customers benefit from significantly better oestrus detection and improved reproduction figures as well as an optimised calving process thanks to the practical, early notifications directly on smartphone and PC.

The smaXtec early detection system has proven itself on dairy farms worldwide. Farmers use the valuable insights provided by the system to optimise their health and fertility management. With smaXtec, health problems can be detected at an early stage, thus reducing treatment and follow-up costs of diseases. smaXtec is a unique tool that helps dairy farmers achieve better results with healthier cows and reduce labour costs in the process.


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